Mineral Water Treatment Plant

Mineral Water Treatment Plant

We provide a vast range of mineral water plants equipped with the latest technical strengths and innovations, assuring the maximum longevity possible and premium quality in compliance with international standards — to produce the best quality drinking water. And… don’t worry! We are ready to give you the lowest possible price.

Dynamic Engineers offers maximum flexiblity to meet diverse requirements of the customer. Our customised software helps customers gain the maximum advantage by helping to make the right selection. It gives the right solution, and reduced the investment cost. The production range starts from 500 LPH (Liter per hour) to 50 M3 per hour for 400 TDS to 45,000 TDS.

We design and manufacture the Mineral Water Plant according to,
• Surface Water.
• Well Water.
• Ro Permeate.
• Sea water Open intake
• Sea water well.

Mineral Water Plant Process
1. Raw Water Storage Tank
2. Raw Water Transfer Pump
3. Multigrade Sand Filter
4. Activated Carbon Filter
5. Anti-Scalant Chemical Dosing
6. Micron Cartridge Filters
7. High Pressure Pump
8. Desalination Reserve Osmosis System
9. PH Chemical Dosing
10. U.V. Disinfaction
11. Fine Poloshing System
12. Ozon Generating Set
13. Treated Water Storage Tank
14. Water Transfer Pump

Salient Features:
• Produce high quality mineral water
• Reverse Osmosis Pretreatment available in SS/FRP
• TDS rejection up to 95-99%
• High efficient UV disinfectant and Ozonation for best quality of Mineral Water
• Low operation and maintenance cost
• Highly Efficient and Modular Design

Mineral Water Project
The demand for mineral water is increasing at a rapid rate, as people become more health conscious and take precautions against water borne diseases. Bottled mineral water provides easy transportability and assured water quality.

With intention the best quality of mineral water, we design and install turnkey system of mineral water plants incorporating the equipments & components. We offer a single convenient source for all system accessories, Including pre treatment, filtration, Disinfection and packing of water.

The Project Involves Machinery
• Mineral Water Plant.
• Pouch Packing Machine.
• Pet Blowing Machine.
• Bottle Filling Machine.
• Betch And Date Coding Machine.
• Jar Washing Machine.
• Jar Filling Machine.
• Glass Filling And Packing Machine.
• Water Chiller And Water Cooler.

Prime Reasons Makes It Premium Business
Long Standing Business : Never Ending Demand Essentiality Has Made It Long Term Business.
Highest profitibility : Best In Consumable Industries.
Investment : From 1 Lac – 1 Cr. Any Type Of Business Class / Investor Can Afford.
Grand For Business : Government Facilities Like Subsidy 35% To 50% / Bank Loan Up To 85%.
Low Pay Back Period : You May Get Your Money Back In 06-24 Months.
Status Business : Give You Immense Response With Many.

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